Inclusive Property Management (IPM) are a student housing management company based in Lancaster who aim to provide outstanding student accommodation to local University Students.

IPM was founded in 2021 by a team of trained professionals with over 30+ years of experience combined. Our dedicated team work hard to ensure both student tenants and landlords are happy and well looked after. IPM has an 100% lettings rate, meaning all of our student houses are let for the next academic year, and they have consistently been since the company started. IPM are one of the only companies in the city who offer fully inclusive rent packages for Lancaster students and landlords.

IPM’s Inclusive Package

Our Inclusive package is the perfect for both student tenants and landlords as it allows them to be able to budget their money effectively, as they will know exactly how much they’re paying out each month. For students, the IPM inclusive package covers rent, utilities, internet, water, insurance, termly cleaning and TV license, which means once their rent has come out, our students can focus on work and enjoying their university experience. For landlords the only fixed costs they need to pay from the agreed annual rent offer are: repair works on the student property that cost over £100 (IPM cover the first £100!), a contribution to the summer clean and the water bill.

Our focus at IPM Lancaster is to work solely with student property owners that appreciate the benefits of having an experienced team of professionals managing their Lancaster student accommodation and being called upon less on a day-to-day basis. IPM works on delivering market leading repairs and cleaning services, facilitating housing accreditation, ensuring compliance and accreditation liabilities, maintaining health and safety regulations as well as all insurance responsibilities. Therefore, our landlords can take a back seat and relax knowing their properties are being effectively managed without the need for weekly/monthly/termly intervention.

What we can do for Landlords

If you have student accommodation in Lancaster and are interested in renting it out through a letting agent, IPM could be the company for you! For landlords, we can take away the stress of owning student housing, letting you take a hands-off and relaxed approach. We manage the vast majority of issues that arise in student housing, from day-to-day repairs, health and safety, lettings and more. As we said before, IPM have an 100% success rate when it comes to letting student accommodation, every year since the company has started all of our student houses have been filled and let for the next academic year. If you are interested in learning more about what IPM can do you for, contact us on:, visit our website here, or give us a call on 01524 928328 for a one to one chat with an experienced member of the team.

Landlords can contact IPM to arrange a no obligation property visit to discuss specific letting requirements and expectations. In addition to seeking an independent perspective as to how their accommodation will be best managed in a competitive housing market.