Why Inclusive Property Management are Perfect for Managing your Houses

Whether you’re already a landlord with student accommodation in Lancaster or considering letting a property, at Inclusive Property Management, we can help let, manage and maintain your property. Renting out your student home has never been easier!

Due to the nature of our company, IPM includes all day-to-day management, compliance and utility costs within our inclusive service package available to landlords. This allows our landlords to budget, as well as save money in the long term!

Are you tired of rent agreements making no sense? Our rent agreements at IPM are open, clear and transparent with our Lancaster student accommodation providers knowing exactly how much they will receive.  Plus, due to our inclusive student housing package our rent agreements are free from all those ongoing deductions 12 months before your tenancy even starts. 

This means our landlords can clearly see their income and cost base far in advance of their tenants moving into their student house. IPM Lancaster’s inclusive property management services allow our landlords to relax and take a back seat as they hardly need to get involved and are rarely recharged for any related day-to-day repairs. Due to this, the rent that IPM landlords receive is owed without a huge list of management, maintenance or utility deductions.

Having a list of deductions constantly being taken out, can soon add up and can drastically reduce your budget income (up to a whopping 40% of your income!) as opposed to a clear inclusive property management package. Our inclusive package for landlords allows us to manage and pay all of those related bills, perfect for any local landlords wanting a clear, concise agreement on their lettings. 

We are all aware of the current energy crisis the entire country is facing, as gas and electric prices are soaring, and it’s stated that costs are expected to rise by 50% by 2022-23. The pressure of managing, maintaining, cleaning, certification, insuring as well as covering all energy, broadband and TV licensing costs is not worth the strain if you can let IPM deal with the stress of it for you.

Our fantastic contractors are here to help landlords to be safe and secure in the knowledge their student housing is being well looked after and all jobs are undertaken as soon as possible.

Working with IPM Lancaster can help protect landlords from various economic factors affecting them as we bulk buy certain services for our property owners (such as contracts with BHE- Bolton Heating Engineers) and share the benefits across the business. This is an absolute win-win for everyone in the current overwhelming climate.

Inclusive Property Management Lancaster, alongside our partners at Escape Campus, are accredited providers of Lancaster University Homes, but we do also have a positive relationship with Lancaster City Councils HMO licensing team. When you’re letting your student accommodation in Lancaster, compliance, accreditation and licensing are central to renting out your student home, so let IPM manage this for both the benefit of you and your tenants. We also take care of your Gas and Electric certifications, as well as other health and safety standards that boost the quality or your student accommodation alongside our students’ experience.

Students who decide to live off campus with IPM Lancaster in one of our LUH accredited properties should have a fun and exciting experience. We make this experience a reality by working alongside a significant number of dedicated landlords, and IPM are excited about our future, accommodating even more Lancaster University Students in the years to come.

Inclusive Property Management are a dedicated office team, who are supported by a wide range of both local and national specialist contractors and suppliers. Our team is made up of a ratio of 1 expert team member to every 20 student properties and we are committed to keeping this standard to ensure we provide effective communication. Making sure that our students and landlords are happy comes first, and it’s on this basis that IPM Lancaster include the following services within our comprehensive management package:

Marketing and letting

Deposit and guarantor processing

Tenancy management

Property maintenance

Property inspections and cleaning

Gas and electric

Boiler cover and certification

Electricity testing assistance

Broadband and TV Licensing

Buildings and contents insurance

Lancaster University Homes Accreditation

HMO Licensing and compliance support

This list just includes our main service headlines, however there is much more that IPM provide, such as assisting our landlords and student households in Lancaster during the term of their tenancy, before and after.

We hope this blog helps to give you an idea of why IPM is the perfect company to manage your student home! Here a link to our website to find out more. If you wish to make an enquiry or have any questions for us regarding our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and a member of our management team will contact you.