The 15th to the 21st May marks the start of vegetarian week in Lancaster and the UK. Even if you’re a dedicated meat eater, why not use national vegetarian week as the perfect reason to give being veggie a go!

Vegetarian and Vegan foods have a lower carbon footprint, therefore by eating more veggie meals, you’ll be massively improving your carbon footprint and doing your bit for the planet. On the National Vegetarian Week website, they’ve carbon-calculated all their recipes so you can literally see the difference you’re making by eating just one veggie meal!

Whether you do it for the entire 7 days, just for a couple of meals or get your entire student household involved, you will still be making such a difference, so here at IPM we’ve put together some tips and tricks to give you the best shot at going veggie.

Vegetarian Recipes

If the thought of going completely veggie for an entire week seems overwhelming, why not try just one meal a day (breakfast or lunch), making even those small changes can work wonders for the environment. We’re lucky in Lancaster that there are lots of places for you to get fruit and vegetables, if you head down into the city centre on a Wednesday or a Sunday, the Lancaster Charter Market is operating, where you can purchase fresh fruit and vegetables. The fantastic food stalls also offer up a selection of veggie/vegan meals to takeaway.

If, like most students living in Lancaster, you’re wanting to save money, both Lidl and Aldi are located within Lancaster town centre. Luckily for all the IPM tenants, both shops should only be a short walk from your Lancaster student accommodation. Lidl even have the ‘wonky fruit and veg boxes’ available for £1.50, that contain a random selection of different produce.

The National Vegetarian Week website have put together a list of tasty, easy, and cheap veggie recipes for you to try! If you wish to give any of these a try, visit their website here. BBC Good Food also have an extensive selection of vegetarian recipes, which is great for those who need some inspiration and guidance when cooking! To see their recipes, click here.

IPM are big advocates of cooking as a household, and veggie week gives you the perfect opportunity to try out new recipes, cook and eat together as a student household. If you want to read our latest blog post on the benefits of cooking together in your Lancaster student accommodation, visit our website here.

Vegetarian/Vegan Café’s in Lancaster

For a small city, Lancaster town centre has a great selection of vegetarian and vegan café’s, this way, if none of the recipes are working out for you, you can still take part in the 2023 veggie week.

Within the city centre there are a few completely veggie/vegan café’s, these are, Pure Vegan, Whale Tail Café, and The Herbarium. As well as other cafes who offer a great selection of veggie and vegan alternatives, such as Journey Social! This is a favourite amongst locals and tourists alike and is one of the most popular spots in Lancaster, especially on a weekend. For all our students living within the city centre, of these fantastic food spots should only be stone’s throw away from your off-campus Lancaster student accommodation.

If you wish to learn more about veggie week 2023, including recipes, info and tips and tricks visit their website here. We hope you manage to take part in National Vegetarian Week 2023 in anyway that you can! To keep up to date with everything IPM, Lancaster student living and student accommodation, visit the Inclusive Property Management Website for more.