We know for a lot of you, that whilst university is a fun experience it can also be very stressful at times, especially during exam season. This is why making the most of your time off during the summer break is essential. Here at IPM Lancaster we’ve put together a list of different ways to make the most of your summer break, before either returning to your Lancaster student accommodation for your next year of university or before getting a job. Having an extended break over the summer is the perfect opportunity to relax, foster new hobbies, learn new skills, and maybe even get some work experience.

Learn New Skills

Summer break is a great chance to learn something new! Whether this is for work/university benefits, or for personal gain, up to 10 weeks of undisturbed free time means you can still have time to relax whilst studying or learning a new skill.

Taking a short course online can help you to develop skills that may help you with future job applications, as well as just enhancing your knowledge for the next academic year. If you’re wanting time to yourself a zoom or online course is perfect for you to work around your free time. However, the benefit of face-to-face courses allows you opportunities to meet new people and network.

Even if you’re wanting to learn a new skill that isn’t for university/jobs and is just for fun, using the summer break to learn this is a great idea as you can set a goal and focus on it without the distractions of university deadlines. Taking up a new hobby for pleasure can help switch off your mind and relax, plus learning something that you can take back to your Lancaster student accommodation next term is even better!

Lancaster University offer free online courses in partnership with FutureLearn, all you need is internet access, and something to complete the course on (tablet, laptop, or phone). There’s a range of different courses you can take from learning a new language, to the history of Lancaster. As these are completely free to take, its well worth considering! To find out more, visit their website here.

Work Experience

The extended time off over the summer provides you with ample opportunities to get some work experience. By this point, a good majority of students know what they want to do as a career but due to constantly being in education, they have no experience in it. You may be able to find opportunities for work experience with support from the university. Lancaster University have lots of useful information regarding different grants/funding available for students wanting to take part in work experience over the summer or throughout the year. Click here to find out more.

Certain employers offer internships to students in the sector they wish to work in, if this is something you are considering, it may be worth emailing a few different companies to see if what they have on offer.

Why not pick up a part time job to work at over the summer break, whether that’s here in Lancaster or wherever you live. Working part time still gives you the chance to relax as well a earn a little bit of money. When the time comes to move back into your Lancaster student accommodation, working throughout the summer and saving some of your money can help you budget for the next academic year. Plus, any sort of work experience looks great on your CV!

Enjoy and Relax

Whilst building on your knowledge and experience is a great use of time, don’t forgot to also make time for yourself this summer break! You’ve worked hard the last year at university, so before heading back to your Lancaster student accommodation in September, make sure to relax and enjoy your time off.

If you can afford too and have the opportunity, why not spend some time traveling around, visit new places, meet new people, and explore new cultures. Go with friends, family of even on your own! If going away isn’t an option this summer, make the most of your time off by spending time with loved ones, doing things you enjoy and relaxing.

Whatever you do this summer, here at Inclusive Property Management we hope you have a wonderful time off! To keep up to date with things student accommodation, Lancaster student living and IPM, visit our blog page.