Are you still a bit unsure about your student accommodation for next year? what you pay, when you leave, and can you stay over the summer? Look no further, here at IPM Lancaster, we’ve created a definitive guide on all thing’s student housing.

Can I stay in my Lancaster student accommodation over the summer?

If it is critical for you to stay in the property over the summer and the landlord is happy, then we at IPM can liaise with the property owner to set it up. You would have to let us know in advance so we can discuss with the landlord, and we would ask that your ‘summer rent’ is paid upfront.

How much will my rent cost?

The rent for the average IPM house is around £100 a week. Our highest rent packages can go up to £115 a week and on the other end of the scale, we also have smaller properties available for £95 a week. A budget of £100 a week should offer you plenty of choices when it comes to choosing the best student accommodation for you.

What is included in my rent?

Included within your rent you get all your bills included. That includes water, gas, electric, TV license, termly cleaning service and Wi-Fi. All our properties also contain washing machines that are free to use. We also offer a repair service for when something in your student accommodation gets broken or stops working. In the event of this we will send out a contractor to attend to the situation. For emergencies, we also offer an out of hours assistance service along with contents insurance to ensure your belongings are protected.

I’m living in the same house next year. Can I leave my belongings over the summer?

Yes. If you are living in the same house and have renewed your tenancy for the next academic year, then you are fine to leave your belongings tidy within your room. All you must do is let us know at and we can send you over a disclaimer form, which you send back with a photo of the items left. Please be aware that any items left during the summer break will be stored at your own risk, so we advise not to leave valuables or personal items that are unable to be replaced, as generally your belongings are not insured when the Lancaster student accommodation is left vacant over the summer.

Can I stay in the same house with the same people next year?

Yes. Our current IPM tenants are given a priority when renewing their tenancy agreements. Every August we write to our landlords to make them a rental offer for the next year.  Assuming the landlords agree to this and are happy, we then ask each household if they wish to renew their tenancy for the next year, or if they wish to move into another IPM property. IPM Lancaster’s exchange and renewal process takes place over a 2-week interval towards the end of October.

If you have any more queries surrounding your Lancaster student accommodation, feel free to visit the FAQs on our website to find out more or contact our office Mon-Fri 10-4 at 01524 928328.