Here in the IPM Lancaster office, we understand that going to university can be expensive and that as students you might not have a lot of spare cash lying around. That is why we’ve put together some ideas to help you save a few pennies to spend on the things that matter.

Save Money with an NUS Discount Card

As students, it’s a staple to have an NUS card. This card is specifically for students and can get you discounts in loads of shops and restaurants, such as McDonald’s, ASOS, Topman and so many more. Make sure to keep an eye out for student discounts wherever you go, as most places do offer at least a 10% student discount. You can pay for your NUS card, for either one year or all three, either way it’s 100% worth it. To find out more about getting an NUS card click here

Cooking as a Flat

If you’re living in Lancaster student housing, chances are you’re living with a group of people. If you all take turns buying ingredients and cooking dinner, that should help your allotted food money stretch that little bit further. Another great cooking tip is to batch cook, for example, if you’ve made a meal and have some leftover, why not save it, and freeze it to eat another day. Lidl and Aldi are both located within the town centre and sell reasonably priced food, Lidl also sells ‘bargain fruit and vegetable’ boxes for £1.50 which is excellent value and provides you with enough ingredients to make a range of different meals. Perfect for batch cooking! For more tips on cooking as a household, visit the IPM blog page here.

Getting a Part-Time Job

If your university course allows you enough free time, getting a small part-time job is a perfect way to earn a little more money. If you’re living in Lancaster student housing, you should be near the town centre, that means access to a variety of part-time/temporary jobs that are perfect for students. If getting a small job during term time isn’t doable due to the demands of your course, why not consider working throughout the summer either in Lancaster or back home and save as much of it as you can?

Budgeting Ahead

Living at university and away from home in Lancaster’s student housing means that you may have more responsibilities than when you lived at home with your parents/carers. You need to pay your rent, bills, food and have money left over to enjoy your free time. The best way to do this whilst surviving on your student loan is to budget. If you know what’s coming in and out of your bank account, it allows you to come up with a plan of what you can and can’t spend and stick to it.

Budgeting and saving money can be personal and different for everyone. It’s okay to make mistakes or spend a little extra than planned because that’s how you learn the most effective way to budget for your own needs. Planning and research can help plenty, but you won’t find out the best way for you until you give it a go!

We hope these hacks are able to help you save a little bit of extra money or have given you some ideas for the future. To keep up to date with everything happening in at IPM, Lancaster student housing and all things Lancaster student living, visit the IPM blog page.