Here at Inclusive Property Management Lancaster all our student properties offer ‘fully inclusive’ tenancy agreements, as stated in the name ‘Inclusive Property Management’.

Energy prices all over the UK have increased within the last few months and are set to increase again towards the end of the year.

There is a list of ways to cut down on your energy usage and on the IPM Lancaster website and how to ‘Go Green with the IPM team’.

As with most all-inclusive contracts, Inclusive Property Management Lancaster do offer inclusive utility bills, however we do have an energy usage cap in place. Basically, it’s in place to stop you overspending on your bills, if you exceed your agreed energy cap, you are charged on a household basis. As students there is no need for to worry about overspending as each house comes with an energy efficiency checklist located on your notice board. This checklist contains lots of tips and tricks you can follow to help keep your bills as low as possible. Also, we do send each house updates on their energy usage and if you are nearing your allocated amount for the term, we will contact you to make you aware so you can lower your usage.

When we do our termly inspections, we take your meter readings so we can make sure that all your energy bills are correct and based on actual meter readings rather than estimates. This is also why we ask you send us in pictures of your meters each month (you will receive an email from IPM requesting them), this enables us to ensure you’re not being overcharged.

For some more information on using less energy in the household, the Energy Saving Trust have some excellent tips and tricks to follow.

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