Whether you’re leaving your Lancaster student accommodation for good at the end of this term, or just for the summer, there are a variety of places you need to visit before you go. Lancaster is home to a number of beautiful spots that you must squeeze a visit too before returning home!

Spending time in Lancaster exploring all the sights doesn’t even have to cost you any money. As a city filled with history, there are so many incredible places and things you can experience for free.

Lancaster Castle:

Lancaster Castle is one of the most popular spots in the city centre and tourists from all over flock to Lancaster to see the castle and learn about its history! Visiting the castle is the perfect excuse to leave your student accommodation Lancaster and take a well needed break from revising and head outside to explore the sites.  

Williamson Park:

Williamson Park is home to the iconic Ashton Memorial; the chances are you can probably spot it from a window in your Lancaster student accommodation. The park is a major hit with both locals and tourists. Inside the park, you can find the Ashton Memorial, a variety of fountains, the fantastic butterfly house, play areas and a café. The views from Williamson Park are beautiful and it’s a great place to escape (potentially some exam stress) and go for a walk. The park hosts a series of events throughout the year, such as Play in the Park and the Highest Point Festival. If you have the opportunity to give it a visit it is not one to be missed. To find out more about ‘what’s on’ in Williamson Park, click here.

Fairfield Orchard:

Fairfield Orchard is a beautiful 2.2-acre site containing an orchard of fruit trees (from apple to plum and many more), nut trees (hazel, walnut, and chestnut), large areas with other native trees and bushes and an events circle containing floral and fruiting hedge. The orchard is open to all, and anyone can visit to pick the fruits and nuts (please don’t take too many so there are enough for everyone). It is located a couple of minutes’ walk along the public footpath at the end of Sunnyside Lane in Lancaster, therefore it shouldn’t be too far from your Lancaster student accommodation, maybe a short walk/drive for most of you. If you want to find out any more about the Fairfield Orchard, visit their website here.

 There are a few spots around Lancaster that aren’t completely free, however they are most certainly worth a trip if you can manage it, and they won’t break the bank.

Lancaster Brewery:

Lancaster Brewery gives you exactly what it says on the tin. It is a brewery located on the outskirts of Lancaster which makes and sells beer, such as Lancaster Blonde, Amber, Red and Black. They are open as a tap house for people to come and enjoy a casual drink, and there are tours of the brewery and brewing process available too.

Lancaster Escape Rooms:

Lancaster Escape Room makes for a fun time. The escape rooms host 4 different rooms for your team (or couple) to try and break out of. Escape rooms are a fun and different way to spend time with your housemates outside of your Lancaster student accommodation, plus there is also a café/bar area in which you can frequent before or after your ‘escape’. The bar is a specialised whisky bar and is the only one located within the whole of Lancashire.

There are numerous fantastic places and venues to enjoy around Lancaster, and these are just a few of the many brilliant things you can do whilst you’re here. If you want to keep up to date with all things Lancaster, student housing and IPM, visit our blog page for more.