Its hard to believe we are reaching the end of term 3 and many of you have already or almost finished your exams, well done from all of us at IPM Lancaster!

Following the term 3 home visits its clear that some of you are starting to think about moving out ahead of the summer vacation, therefore we wanted to keep you updated on relevant information relating to the moving out process.

Deposit Returns:

The deposits you paid at the start of the year are held and protected by the DPS tenancy deposit scheme under IPM. Once IPM inspects your property to check that it’s empty a request will be submitted for your household deposit to be returned either in full or with the appropriate deductions.

We are hoping that all households will receive their deposit back in full, however this is only possible when the properties are returned in the same condition in which they were let (wear and tear accepted). You will receive a full deposit back when the property is left appropriately cleaned, all refuse removed and suitably disposed of, all personal items removed and no damages. IPM will work with the DPS to return your deposit within 14 working days of your tenancy ending.

Each house receives a summer clean from our contractor Cleanerway. We will be visiting each household to provide them with a cleaning checklist and liaising with households with regard to moving arrangements.

Key Returns / End of Tenancy Inventory:

When you move out of your IPM property, we ask that you clean your own room and remove all rubbish and personal belongings. Each individual tenant should then place their key on their desk and take photos of their vacated room, please send these photos via email to You are responsible for communal areas as a household, these include the lounge, kitchen, bathroom(s), landings, and staircases. Once these have been cleaned, please take photos, and send these to The last person leaving the property should lock the front door and put their key back through the letterbox, we ask that you then send confirmation the property is now empty to

The Inclusive Property Management Lancaster tenancies for 2021-22 end on the 14th of August 2022, we know that most of you guys will have moved out before this date, so please send all your vacating information as soon as your move out.


We understand there are always some damages that need attending to. If you know anything is broken, please let us know ASAP on as we may be able to fix it before you move out and save you a deposit deduction. For example, if you have a broken bed base, a faulty door handle, a cupboard door hanging off, a stained mattress etc. please let us know as soon as you can and IPM will do our best to resolve the problem.

Recycling Boxes and Wheelie Bins:

We know that when you’re packing your stuff up to move out, your recycling boxes and wheelie bins are going to get full. Therefore, keep this in mind over the next few weeks and use the bins appropriately to get the most out of them. When the last person is leaving the house, please take photos of the wheelie bins and recycling boxes in your garden so IPM knows to send a contactor/summer runner ahead of the next scheduled bin day. If there are excess bags of refuse left and not available for a Lancaster City Council collection a private contractor will need to be sent with a cost recharged from your deposits held by the DPS.

Returning Tenants:

If you are a returning tenant re-occupying the same student house/room for 2022-23 it is agreed that some personal belongings may be left in your room as long as your items are boxed and labelled. If you are doing this, please take photos of your room when vacating for the summer, with your key on your desk and include your disclaimer form, and send them to

Anything Else:

Should you or your housemates have any questions regarding the above or anything else regarding the process of moving out and deposits being processed this summer please email

We hope you have a wonderful summer.

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