As Lancaster students, we understand that choosing a house to live in off-campus can be quite a daunting experience, and with so many different housing options and companies its easy to feel overwhelmed. Here at Inclusive Property Management Lancaster, we’ve put together the reasons why an IPM inclusive package is one of the best fits both for Lancaster students and for Lancaster Landlords!

Why Choose IPM?

IPM work hard every year to provide students with a great place to live, central to Lancaster town centre and nearby to the Universities. Unlike other housing companies in the area, IPM offer a fully inclusive package to all tenants, which can make the process of renting your first house a lot easier. IPM are one of the only companies within Lancaster who offer an inclusive package to our tenants and our landlords, which means you know exactly what you’ll be paying out each month, therefore helping you budget in advance.

The IPM team have over 100+ combined years of experience working within the student housing sector in Lancaster and work hard every day to continue to provide excellent Lancaster student accommodation for all our tenants and landlords. Our fantastic team is committed to working with suppliers and service providers to deliver outstanding HMO student accommodation and supportive management packages for our students and landlords with student lettings in Lancaster.

What does the Inclusive Package offer?

The IPM inclusive package offers everything you need for the entire academic year, your rent, WI-FI, gas and electric and water is all included within your monthly rent. This means that every month you pay a set amount that won’t change throughout your tenancy. We have a fantastic contractor completing our day-to-day repairs, so if there is anything wrong at your Lancaster student accommodation, e.g., a leaking tap or broken toilet seat, a contractor will be sent out to the property to attend to the issues raised. IPM also work with local electricians, heating engineers and roofers, so any issues that may arise should be sorted quickly.  As well as this we also offer a 24-hour emergency service, so if anything happens within your property at any time, there is always someone from the IPM team available for you to call.

Each tenant has an allowance for gas and electricity which is more than enough for the entire year, even with the current energy crisis and prices rising. Once a month a member of the IPM team will email you asking for a photo of your meter readings so we can keep track of your energy usage. This way we can let you know if you get close to using your up your yearly allowance!

All student accommodation IPM manage are LU homes accredited properties, if you’re interested in learning more about IPM’s inclusive property management services for tenants and landlords, you can visit our website here, or give us a call on: 01524 982328, or alternatively email us on ‘’.

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